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Planning and Follow up

To participate in the formulation of the economic and social general policy, and to develop the programs and plans that are needed to implement it. Cooperation and coordination with the Department of Statistics in determining the types of economic, social, demographic, and other statistical information that the government may need for the different development programs and projects.

  Plans Programs & Development initiatives
  Economic Modernisation Vision Executive  Program (2023 -2025)

International Cooperation

The formulation of policies and procedures that are meant to enhance and develop relations with donors and international financing institutions in coordination with the relevant stakeholders, emphasizing the pivotal role of the ministry in this regard. Providing, coordinating and managing the necessary funding for development projects from different funding sources through soft loans, grants and technical assistance.

  Foreign Aid Reports   GCC Grant Projects

Developmental Initiatives Funding Unit


The unit is responsible for proposing pioneering developmental initiatives throughout the kingdom, and reaching out with all stakeholders in that regard; in order to maximize the benefits of these initiatives and to make them sustainable. 


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