National Objectives of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation:

· Development of a flourishing national economy that is open to regional and international markets

· Promotion of good governance so that central and local government bodies become financially stable, transparent, and accountable

· Ensuring that Jordan is safe and an appropriate place to live in and work for current and future generations

· Provision of appropriate infrastructure and efficient facilities with high return

· To enhance the Jordanians’ self-reliance and to help who are unable to meet their basic needs.

Institutional Objectives of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation:

· Developing the economic environment and policies to achieve comprehensive and sustainable growth.

· Raising the efficiency of institutional performance by following the best practices and standards in management, in a way that is reflected on the satisfaction of the ministry’s stakeholders.

· Ensuring coordination and integration between the various programs and projects as parts of comprehensive development planning on both national and local levels.

· Optimum exploitation for the financial and technical assistance from donors and international financial institutions according to the development priorities.

· Contributing to the improvement of citizens’ economic and living conditions in all areas with focus on less privileged areas.

· Contributing to the development and qualification of human resources according to the national plans and strategies.




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