To participate in the formulation of the economic and social general policy, and to develop the programs and plans that are needed to implement it.

Cooperation and coordination with the Department of Statistics in determining the types of economic, social, demographic, and other statistical information that the government may need for the different development programs and projects.

Monitoring of the national development programs through the improvement of various sectors in order to ensure the achievement of their goals and priorities.

Developing programs and mechanisms to build the institutional capacities of the ministries and government institutions that are involved in the implementation of development programs and projects on the national and local levels in the governorates and municipalities to ensure the consistency and implementation of the national plans and programs.

Participating in promoting the local development in order to achieve a high degree of developmental balance between the governorates, and to protect the middle class, fight against poverty and unemployment and improve the standards of living for the citizens of Jordan.

Improving the developmental policies and promote active participation in the overall development process and strengthen the role of civil society organizations to carry out their duties towards the local community.

Designing and analyzing a scientific comprehensive and integrated approach in a practical framework to study the reality of the development in the governorates to contribute to minimizing the development gap, and meeting the development priorities identified by the local communities, aligned with the comparative and competitive advantages that generate employment opportunities.

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