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Development Partner Donors Satisfaction Survey

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Development Partner Donors Satisfaction Survey

Part (I): General Information
Please choose from the list below
1- Your institution is classified as* Mandatory field
2- Your institution offers assistance through* Mandatory field
3- During the year 2023, your institution has worked with MOPIC* Mandatory field
Part (II): The Questionnaire Paragraphs
Please choose the suitable answer:
1) Procedures
The Ministry’s processes are easy to understand* Mandatory field
The Ministry’s processes are designed to reduce wait times* Mandatory field
Processes feel seamless even if they contain multiple communication channels* Mandatory field
Overall, we are satisfied with the offered services* Mandatory field
2) Personnel
Employees are empowered to make decisions * Mandatory field
Employees are cooperative and reliable * Mandatory field
Employees are qualified and competent * Mandatory field
The number of employees we deal with is sufficient * Mandatory field
3) Communication
We are satisfied with communication mechanisms that are used by MOPIC* Mandatory field
The frequency of meetings held with MOPIC is satisfactory* Mandatory field
Data required from MOPIC is easy to access * Mandatory field
The quality of information and reports submitted by MOPIC is adequate* Mandatory field
4) Transparency
The Ministry’s policies safeguard privacy and confidentiality* Mandatory field
Information about MOPIC’s services is easily available through its website* Mandatory field
The Ministry demonstrates transparency in decision-making* Mandatory field
5) Monitoring
We are satisfied with MOPIC’s role in monitoring and coordinating foreign aid* Mandatory field
We are satisfied with the Ministry’s monitoring of ongoing projects of cooperation* Mandatory field
We are satisfied with the role of MOPIC in processing and preparing the Voluntary National Report of the SDGs* Mandatory field
6) Overall Appearance - In case you visited MOPIC*
The appearance of the ministry’s building and its facilities are satisfactory
The reception at the Ministry is adequate
Administrative services provided during meetings or conferences are satisfactory
Please specify Any Remarks or Notes
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey and answering the questionnaire, your input is highly appreciated.

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