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Monitoring and Evaluation Department



Monitoring and Evaluation Department monitors and evaluates the execution of all programs, plans and projects in a clear methodology that guarantees the efficient implementation of these programs and plans and achievement of goals, that also includes preparing reports, studies, and recommendations related to the performance of such plans and programs.


  Monitoring and Evaluation Department includes the following sections:

·         Monitoring Section

·         Evaluation Section


  The main responsibilities of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department are:

·         Participate in preparing the developmental plans and programmes associated with the economic and social development process.

·         Adopt, apply and continuously develop effective concepts of monitoring and evaluation of developmental plans, programmes and projects.  

·         set the appropriate performance measures needed for monitoring and evaluation of  developmental plans, programmes and projects.

·         Set the policies and procedures which will guarantee effective monitoring and evaluation of  developmental plans, programmes and projects,  supervise the application of these policies and regularly update them.

·         Build a data bank that will help provide all the information and indicators needed in the planning development on the national level.

·         Collect, study and analyze data and information related to the developmental plans and programmes.

·         set the  general  framework proposed to implement the  national  agenda recommendations and take all the procedures required for implementing them.

·         Contribute in identifying the prioritizing  the recommendations of the national agenda in cooperation with the ministries and governmental institutions

·         Translate the priorities of the national agenda into work plans and executive programmes within a clear time frame in cooperation with the ministries and governmental institutions.

·         Set the mechanisms to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the recommendations of the national agenda.

·         Institutionalize the monitoring and evaluation process at the governmental level, including establishment of units within the ministries and governmental institutions and build their institutional capacities. conduct

·         Carry out evaluation studies of the plans, programmes and projects which will help decision makers take the necessary alterations or changes  during  the implementation of these plans programmes and developmental projects    

·         Prepare progress reports for plans, programmes and developmental projects as well as the executive programme of the national agenda.

·         Contribute in preparing the capital budget of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

·         Contribute in prioritizing the programs and projects prior to submitting them to the funding agencies.



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