Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development 

Cooperation between Jordan and Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Bilateral Relations between Jordan and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development is an Arab regional financial institution, whose membership includes the Organization of Islamic Conference member countries. The Fund aims to achieve Arab integration, in addition to foment cooperation between member countries.

Jordan and the Arab Fund enjoy close and distinctive ties. Throughout the period 1974-2010, the Fund has financed development projects in Jordan through loans amounting to nearly KD473,150 million ($1,6 billion). The Fund has also provided Jordan with grants amounting to KD 6,182 million ($23,206) million. 

Areas of Assistance

The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development funds many vital projects, through soft loans and grants, in the following areas:

  • Energy.
  • Communication.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Water.
  • Agriculture and Irrigation.
  • Industry.
  • Rural development.

Ongoing Projects funded by the Arab Fund

The Arab Fund is funding the following most important projects through soft loans:

1. Samra Electric Power Generating Plant (phases III&IV): expanding the electric power generating plant to meet the growing demand for electricity.

2. Development of the Region of Wadi Araba: the project falls under the Wadi Araba Region Development Program, which aims at transferring the region from a poor, low density populated area into a more attractive residential area that provides a hospitable environment for business activities and investments.

3. Prince Hamazah Hospital: developing the health sector through the construction of a new hospital to provide various health services.

4. Constructing Al Wahda Reservoir: collecting, storing and providing water for the purposes of drinking and irrigation.

5. Amman Development Corridor: improving the traffic network in Amman, connecting the network with neighboring regional countries' traffic networks, and facilitating the traffic movement.

The Arab Fund is funding the following most important projects through grants:

1. Covering the purchase of a mobile mammography unit for early cancer detection.

2. Youth Employee Center: supporting the efforts of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund For Development to reduce the rate of unemployment among young people, and providing a training and awareness programme. 

3. Women Health Center in the South: improving healthcare services for women at Al Karak governorate.

4. Life Science Research Development and Biotechnology Promotion Initiative: contributing to the development of local talents in the field of biotechnology research.

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