Abu Dhabi Fund for Development 

Cooperation between Jordan and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development

Bilateral Relations between Jordan and Abu Dhabi Fund 

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development is an autonomous institution owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. It was established on July 15th 1971 to help developing countries  achieve development through providing assistance in the form of concessionary loans, direct development investment, and grants.

Abu Dhabi Fund is regarded as a key partner in supporting the development process in Jordan. During the period 1974-2010, the Fund financed 11 priority economic and social projects through soft loans, with an approximate total amount  of AED 501 million ($136 million).

Areas of Assistance

Projects funded by the Fund’s soft loans focus on the following areas:

  •   Industry.
  •  Water.
  •  Infrastructure.
  • Health.
  •  Education.


Ongoing Projects funded by Abu Dhabi Fund:

Jordan appreciates the generous contributions of Abu Dhabi Fund, which is currently funding the following projects:

1.  Financing Medical Appliances, Equipment and Furniture for the Expansion of Al Basheer Hospital (phase III): completing the expansion of AL-Basheer Hospital through supplying the Hospital with equipment for the Internal Medicine and Surgery Department.

2.  Development of Al-Karama Neighborhood in Aqaba: constructing a new residential district (Al Karama City); the project consists of approximately 1000 residential units along with infrastructure, service social facilities, internal roads, forestation and a highroad leading to the city. The project is intended to cover an area of approximately 470,000 m2.
3.The Queen Rania Al-Abdullah for Children Hospital project (Previously Children Hospital) at the King Hussein Medical Center: establishing a specialized children’s hospital with a capacity of 200 beds, noting that the hospital was inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II in February 2010.


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