Establishment of Relations

Jordan and Spain have long established bilateral relations that have strengthened ties between the two countries. Development cooperation was initiated in 1956 by the signing of the Cultural Agreement, which was replaced in 1993 by the Agreement on Cultural, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, presenting the framework of bilateral cooperation.

Financial and Technical Assistance

Spain is one of the active European donors to Jordan, providing both technical and financial assistance to the Kingdom through financial programs. In September 2009, Jordan and Spain agreed on a new financial program, through which €125 million would be made available to Jordan to be utilized to finance the  implementation of projects in different fields. The said total amount was distributed as follows:

A credit facility with the value of €120 million, of which an amount of €100 million is provided in the form of concessional credits to finance the supply of Spanish goods and services for public projects implemented in Jordan by Spanish firms. The remaining €20 million are allocated as untied aid credits for public projects implemented in Jordan.

A grant facility of up to €5 million to finance feasibility studies implemented by Spanish companies for public projects and programs agreed upon by both parties.

The previous financial program extended between 1999 and 2009, and provided Jordan with US$55 million, US$50 million of which were provided as a credit facility and the remaining US$5 were provided as a grant facility.

Development Cooperation

Spain is also actively involved in development cooperation, which aims at capacitating Jordanian institutions, sustainable development and enhancing cultural, educational, scientific and technical cooperation. In this context, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation established a regional representative office in Amman in 2008, which also covers development cooperation with Syria and Lebanon. The Spanish-Jordanian Joint Commission for Cultural, Educational, Scientific and Technical Cooperation was also set up and has held 4 meetings so far which bore the following results:

Allocation of  a US$7 million grant covering the period 1998-2002.

Allocation of a €2.85 million grant covering the period 2002-2005.

Allocation of a €2.7 million grant covering the period 2006-2008.



Moreover, the Spanish Government provided Jordan in 2000 with a donation of €8 million in the form of medical equipment and supplies as well as other types of equipment;  €2 million for the use of the Jordanian Government and €6 million worth of equipment to be delivered to Iraq through Jordan.

Areas of Assistance

  • Agro-technologies.
  • Telecommunication, communication and information technologies.
  • Environment.
  • Energy.
  • Electricity.
  • Economic infrastructure.
  • Education.
  • Health.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Solid waste treatment.
  • Transport.
  • Water .
  • Microfinance.
  • Development Cooperation (culture, education, health, technical cooperation, rural development, tourism, governance, citizen participation, institutional development, gender development).

Ongoing projects Funded by Spain:

1. Construction and Equipping of a Diary Products Processing Plant in Irbid: purchasing equipment and machinery, adapting installations to required quality standards and running the plant.

2. Cooperative Exploitation of Quarry stone in Rwaished: reducing the poverty index in Rwaished through the establishment of stone quarry activities. Project includes initiating stone quarry activities and capacity building (quarry activities and management of initiatives related to local development).

3. Study for Establishment of a Technology Park: defining a model for the technology park, implementing a strategy and preparing a master plan.

4. Improvement of the Educational Environment of Schools in Dlail: renovating infrastructure and conditions of public schools in addition to improving the education and extracurricular programmes at schools.

5. Provide Long-term Financing through the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation to Micro-Finance Institutions: long-term financing to the National Microfinance Bank, Tamweelcom, and Micro-fund for Women.


6. Mosque and the Visitors Centre of the Historical Heritage Monument of Hallabat: finalizing the reconstruction of the Mosque and open-air museology of architectural elements.

7. Carpet Workshop at Rwaished: constructing a building for a workshop, a storage of raw material and another for end products, in addition to operating the workshop and establishing a cooperative.

8. Construction and Rehabilitation of a Residence for the Medical Staff in Rwaished Hospital: designing  blueprints for the building, tendering the works, and rehabilitating the exterior spaces surrounding the Residence for future connection with Rwaished Hospital.

9. Finalization of the Restoration and Reconstruction of As-Sarraj Baths: reconstructing halls, baths, audience hall and the garden and establishing an info-graphic model for the Complex.

10. Institutional Capacity Building for the Elaboration and Execution of an Integrated Plan for the Management of the Zarqa River Basin: establishing a specific unit integrated within the Ministry of Environment for the restoration of the Zarqa river, training a technical team for this objective, developing the capacity of public authorities, NGOs and local institutions, and designing and implementing four pilot initiatives as show cases of environmental benefits.

11. Assistance to Rwaished Residents through the Improvement in the Quality of Drinking Water and Awareness in its Conservation: repairing infrastructure canals, capacity building on the use and consumption of water and raising awareness on the efficient use of water and quality protection.



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