Establishment of Relations

Jordan built strong relations with China that have been developing steadily over the years. These relations are maintained through a long-term partnership based on mutual respect.  Jordan and China first initiated cooperation with the signing of the Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Agreement in November 1979.  The two countries have since concluded a number of bilateral agreements that strengthened their cooperation in the areas of trade, transport, investment, and education among others.

Financial and Technical Assistance

China’s continued financial and technical support to Jordan over the years has enabled the Kingdom to embark upon, and accelerate the path of development and reform.

 Between 1999 and 2009, China has provided Jordan with 17 grants with a total amount of US$57.1 million to finance key development projects in various areas.  Furthermore, China has provided Jordan since 1984 with seven interest free loans for a total amount of US$34.8 million, and has also extended a US$29 million loan from the Export-Import Bank of China (signed in 2004).

China’s generous assistance to Jordan has helped the Kingdom in concluding a number of projects in vital areas, such as rehabilitating water supply networks, financing the construction of housing projects, training of Jordanian officials in China, supplying equipment to ministries, subsidizing the purchase of Chinese commodities and financing projects under the Social and Economic Transformation Program.

Areas of Assistance

China’s financial and technical assistance have focused on the following areas:

  • Water.
  • Health.
  • Education.
  • Housing.
  • Poverty reduction.
  • Information and communications technology. 

In addition to the assistance provided to support the Kingdom’s development plans, China is also one of the nuclear powers assisting Jordan in the field of nuclear energy. In this context, Jordan and China concluded a number of agreements through which China would transfer its nuclear experience and technologies. These agreements cover the fields of sub-critical systems; uranium mining; development projects and techniques; nuclear energy projects among others.

Ongoing Projects Funded by China are:

1. Al-Baqa’a Hospital: constructing a hospital in Baqa’a with a capacity of 100 beds to improve health services in Baqa’a governorate.

2. Installation of Central Monitoring System in Amman: installing and commissioning 138 cameras into 26 sites in Amman. China will train Jordanian technical engineers and system administrators, supply the equipment of the project and install, operate and adjust the equipment.

3. Jordanian Servicemen Apartment Project: constructing 26 housing buildings for Jordanian Armed forces Servicemen within a total construction area of 63,739 m2.

4. Low Income Family Housing Project: constructing 314 housing units for low income families in Zarqa, Balqa’a and Mafraq governorates.

5. Water Supply Network Upgrading and Expansion Project: upgrading water supply pipes and building new pipes to provide water for 70,000 residents in Russian district.

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