Establishment of Relations

Jordan and Canada share a unique relationship of mutual cooperation dating back to the 1970’s when the two countries established diplomatic relations. This relationship is based on common interests, values, and people-to-people links. Over the past 40 years, Jordan and Canada have concluded agreements to foster cooperation in various fields, which have helped Jordan modernize and reform its economic and social sectors.

Financial and Technical Assistance

Through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),  Canada has provided financial and technical assistance to Jordan in various sectors, playing a significant role in the Kingdom’s development. 

From 1993-2007, Canada has provided Jordan with over C$110 million in grants and technical and financial assistance, which have helped conclude projects in key sectors in the economy.

Canada also supports local development in the Kingdom by providing assistance through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives: a program administered by the Canadian Embassy. The program encourages local development by financing small projects, and providing technical, financial and educational assistance. The program provides Jordan with an annual amount of C$163,000 and is jointly implemented with NGOs and local communities.

Areas of Assistance

Canada’s financial and technical assistance have helped Jordan implement priority projects in key sectors including:

Education (Canada is a major donor partner in the Education Reform for a Knowledge based Economy Project).

Human Resource Development.

Gender Equality Initiatives.

Ongoing Projects Funded by Canada are:

1. Building and Extending Skills Training Systems (BEST): establishing strategic interventions in policy, planning, coordination and information management at the Ministry of Labor. Project includes capacity building and development of the Ministry of Labor, supporting employer-driven funding mechanisms, and improving awareness and institutional development and operation of the Training and Employment Fund.

2. CIDA's Trust Fund in Support of the Ministry of the Education (ERfKE)/ with World Bank: Technical capacity building for the Ministry of Education as part of the Education Reform for Knowledge Economy Program.

3. Support to Jordan’s Education (EREfKE): building sustainable capacity in the Ministry of Education for the continuing quality improvement of curriculum, instruction, learning and assessment, focusing on ICT as a transforming and integrating technology, in conformity with the Government of Jordan’s ERfKE strategy.

4. Support Ministry of Labor ETVET Reform: strengthening institutional development through the establishment of the Higher Council for HRD and the E-TVET Council and attached secretariat; establishment of effective management and financial incentives by remodeling the E-TVET Fund; and improvement of the quality and relevance of TVET through support for the establishment of the Quality Assurance Agency, instructor training and re-equipping of TVET institutions.

5. Gender and Social Fund: increasing the effective and equitable participation of Jordanian women in the development of their society.

6. Human Resources Development Information System-II (Almanar): enhancing the development and utilization of Jordanian human resources in support of national economic development in a globally-competitive environment.

Canada Fund for Local Initiatives: supporting community based development initiatives targeting the poor.


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