South Korea 

Establishment of Relations

Jordan and South Korea established diplomatic relations in 1962, and have forged a number of cooperation agreements that cement relations between the two countries and promote cooperation in social, economic and cultural fields.

Financial and Technical Assistance

South Korea has been one of the active donors in Jordan, providing both technical and financial assistance over the years, which have assisted Jordan in implementing a number of projects in vital areas of the economy.

A total amount of US$16.16 million was extended to Jordan as grants during the period 2004-2008 to finance a series of projects. Moreover, South Korea has provided Jordan with soft loans for a total amount of US$119.4 million to finance projects in the water sector.

Korea has also launched the Korea Overseas Volunteers Program in Jordan, which dispatches Korean volunteers to the Kingdom, specialized in a wide array of areas, with the purpose of contributing to the socio-economic development of Jordan. There are currently 27 Korean volunteers in the Kingdom.

Areas of Assistance

Water and wastewater.


Vocational training.

Supplying equipment to ministries and public institutions.


 South Korea is also one of the nuclear powers with whom Jordan is cooperating in its run-up to the construction of a national nuclear reactor. This engagement was initiated during the visit of His Majesty King Abdullah II to South Korea in December 2008, which witnessed the signing of the Nuclear Cooperation Agreement and the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between Jordan Atomic Energy Commission and Korea Electric Power Corporation.

On March 30th 2010, Jordan signed a US$130 million agreement with a South Korean consortium, comprising of the state-run Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute and Daewoo, for the construction of a nuclear research reactor. The agreement calls for a 5-megawatt reactor, a radioactive isotope manufacturing facility and a nuclear training center at the Jordan University for Science and Technology. As part of the agreement as well, some 56 staff will be trained as nuclear engineers and technicians in reactor operation and maintenance, radioisotope production, and radiation safety in South Korea and in the Kingdom.

Ongoing projects Funded by South Korea:

1. Na’ur Wastewater Project: Improving the sanitary conditions of the inhabitants in Naur city and adjacent areas, in addition to preventing underground water from contamination.

2.  Improvement of the Blood Bank in Irbid: Improving health services in Jordan by constructing a blood bank and utilizing it effectively. The project includes constructing the blood bank, providing equipment and supplies necessary for the operation of the blood bank, dispatching Korean experts and providing training for Jordanian officials in Korea.

3. Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Feasibility Study: preparing an environmental, economic, and social feasibility study to maintain the Dead Sea water level,  generate hydro-electric power and provide fresh water through desalination. (Other donors on the project are Japan, France, Netherlands, US, Sweden and Italy).

4. South Amman Wastewater project I: providing wastewater services to the communities of the western highlands and south catchment of south Amman. The project involves constructing a wastewater treatment and effluent reuse system with a capacity of  31000 m3/day of domestic wastewater serving communities in greater Amman.

5. South Amman Wastewater project II: providing wastewater services to the communities of the western highlands and south catchment of south Amman. The project involves constructing approximately 260 km of new sewer pipelines for the area of western highlands and the south catchment of south Amman.

6.  Water Quality Telemetry System in Jordan: providing management skills and engineering techniques for officials in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation for the establishment of the telemetering system for monitoring the water quality for the effluent from wastewater and groundwater treatment plant.



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