Jordan’s bilateral relations with Denmark date back to January 1961, when both countries penned a cooperation agreement for the Establishment of Scheduled Air services between and Beyond the Respective Territories.  Since then, the two Kingdoms have forged a number of cooperation agreements in fields of mutual interest. Denmark has also  formally established an embassy in Amman in 2007, with the aim of strengthening  bilateral relations.

Denmark’s policy towards Jordan and the Middle East region is broadly governed by the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme. This Programme aims at  establishing a basis for improved dialogue, understanding and cooperation between  Denmark and the Middle East region and to support existing local reform processes.

Financial and Technical Assistance

A Financial Agreement was signed in 1997 between Jordan and Denmark, but was replaced by a  Framework Agreement in 1999 under tied aid credit (mixed credit), introducing new financing terms. The overall objective of the Financial Agreement is to subsidize the interest payments on the Danish export credits for deliveries of Danish capital goods and related services for development projects in Jordan.

In the context of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme, which supports activities for a total annual grant of approximately 14 million EURO (DKK 100 million), Jordan and Demark signed a Framework Agreement on the Jordanian–Danish Partnership Programme in 2005. This framework agreement has paved the way to the development of specific programs and projects in key areas of mutual interest agreed upon by both parties.

Areas of Assistance

  • Political Reform.
  • Public Sector Reform.
  • Human Rights.


Ongoing Projects Funded by Denmark

1. Engendering the Public Sphere: creating a public sphere that is open to women's increased economic participation at different organizational levels, and helping ensure that women in Jordan are economically and socially empowered to respond to opportunities to meet their full potential.

2. Karama Project (Dignity): strengthening the professional capacity of relevant law enforcement institutions to prevent torture and ill-treatment and to respond appropriately and effectively when such acts occur; promoting strengthened  national legislation to enhance the prevention of torture and ill-treatment and torture criminalization.

3. Support to Decentralization and Women's Participation: improving local participation through supporting Jordan’s decentralization reform process and the level of women's participation at the local level via gender mainstreaming of decentralization reform.

4. Support to Family Protection Department (Phase II): reducing violence against women and children through a holistic, human rights based approach, in accordance with national objectives, strategies and law, and international law, standards, and norms.Top of FormBottom of Form




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